"Discover The #1 Secret Hundreds Of People Are Already Using To Generate Cash Fast. Learn How To Put $1,500 in the Bank In As Little As 7 Days"

FROM:  Aaron Kennard
RE: Your Truly Amazing Life

Hi!  I’m Aaron.  And this is my family.  I have a Truly Amazing Life.

But it wasn’t long ago that I was frustrated, and searching around, looking for a better way to make money and create the life I dreamed of.

My Promise To You…

Is that if you will take the next 8 minutes and read every single word of this letter, you will clearly see the path to start living a Truly Amazing Life and generating all the cash you want and need.

This message can empower you beyond what you thought possible, giving you the ability to take control of your finances and start living the Truly Amazing Life of YOUR DREAMS.

Here’s What You Will Discover:
  • The #1 Simple Secret that will absolutely change your entire life and open the flood gates of money when you apply it.
  • The 2 Easiest and Fastest ways to start making money by Wholesaling For Cash
  • How to Start Generating Cash as soon as This Week.

When I was facing the challenges of making good money consistently, I could never quite put a finger on it, but something kept stopping me.  I had brief successes, but setbacks always followed for some reason I couldn’t figure out.

But Everything Changed For Me…

when I discovered The Secret to Proper Thinking and the Secrets to Wholesaling For Cash.

My Quick Story…

I was married pretty young and within 6 years already had the huge blessing and responsibility of 3 amazing little children.  I had a good job in sales, but was not really fulfilled.

In 2006 I had to get out of that job, I couldn’t see the future there.  I tried to get into some kind of internet business, but couldn’t seem to make anything work.  I struggled for about 6 months to start making money online somehow and could never land on something that worked for me, I barely recovered my costs.

After what felt like BEATING MY HEAD AGAINST A BRICK WALL FOR 6 MONTHS, I read a book on Real Estate Investing that lit a fire inside me.  I immediately quit my job and jumped headlong into Real Estate Investing.

What a Roller Coaster that turned out to be!!  Since then I have bought and sold over 200 houses, and gone through some amazing as well as really challenging times.

I have experienced Big Profits as well some EPIC losses in Real Estate Investing.  But through it all, I always knew deep down I was missing a huge opportunity to be Making Money using the Internet.

But I was SO BUSY doing Real Estate, there was never any time to devote to learning about making money online.  Between working my butt off just to put food on the table, and everything else in life, I just didn’t have any spare time!

Over the years I kept seeing TONS of people making LITERAL FORTUNES online.

The evidence was just too obvious!!

And it subtly ate away at me every day.

Why am I not doing that?  So many people are doing it, and making it look so easy.

Why Not Me??

But I knew I did not have tons of extra TIME and MONEY laying around.


FINALLY, after years of wanting to do it , Something Snapped inside me. A series of events led me to a place of personal freedom I had never experienced before.  And I realized that I was Sick and Tired of wanting to be in the Internet-Money-Making-Game and not doing anything about it.

So I made a decision:  I was going to do it.  That’s it.  Period.

And from the moment that decision was made EVERYTHING CHANGED for me.

You may be in the same boat I was.  Or perhaps for you making fast money online just seems too good to be true.

Either way, I sincerely hope you benefit from the lesson in my FLAWED THINKING.  My hope is that TODAY you find what you need to change the way you think, so you can experience a MAJOR UPGRADE to your Life!  A wise man once said:

If You Want Things In Your Life to Change, You’re Going to Have to Change Things In Your Life

And THE WAY YOU THINK is the first thing that needs to change!

There is profound meaning in that quote, be careful not to write it off for simplicity.  I’ll come back to this, but first…

What Is Wholesaling Anyway??

Wholesaling For Cash is simply buying low (or contracting to buy), and selling Higher Fast!

And you sell ‘Wholesale’, meaning, directly to the businesses who then sell ‘Retail’, to the end consumer.

You can buy and then Wholesale just about anything!  And I am going to show you 2 of the FASTEST and BEST ways Anyone can start Wholesaling For Cash:

  • Wholesaling Domains
  • Wholesaling Houses
I want to show you EXACTLY HOW to do BOTH of those…
So you can CHOOSE ONE and start generating cash FAST.

Remember when I said everything changed once I MADE THE DECISION to just do it?

Well, here’s what happened after I finally made that crucial decision (and this was YEARS after it should have dawned on me).

Once I had finally made up my mind, I quickly realized that the answers were RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE the entire time.

I had been watching my good friend and real estate mentor Rob Swanson quietly slip under the radar and virtually stop fixing and flipping houses altogether.  Little did I know at the time it was because he was just making WAY TOO MUCH money wholesaling for cash on the Internet to justify continuing dealing with contractors and the headaches of flipping houses.  For some reason I didn’t even think to ask him what he was doing.

It recently dawned on me that Rob had mastered the art of making money using the Internet.  And all I needed to do was ask him to show me the best way to do the same.

When I finally realized Rob was living a Truly Amazing Life, and raking in huge money, I knew I had to convince him to show me what he was doing!

I invited him to lunch as soon as I could.

Amazingly, by the end of lunch he had somehow agreed to let me in on what he had learned and show me what he was doing.

So how does this help you???

My goal is to save you from FIVE YEARS of going nowhere, and show you how to start making good money RIGHT NOW.

And the best part is…Rob agreed to let me record him as he revealed PRICELESS SECRETS he uses every day Wholesaling For Cash.

Day in and day out, He has been using these secrets to provide huge value in society and create the life of his dreams.

Now we obviously don’t have time right now to go into full detail on every single thing Rob has shared with me, but here’s what you need to know…

FIRST - Wholesaling Domains

The Easiest, Fastest way to start Wholesaling for Cash

If you could buy something today for $10 and be virtually GUARANTEED to sell it in a week for 10, 20, 30 times or more than you paid, would you do it?

And more importantly, How Many Would You Buy??

If You Can Send An Email, You Can Wholesale Domains.

It is SO EASY!

  • You DON’T need technical skills to buy a domain & find your buyer
  • You DON’T need a website to set your price, send an email & cash in on a profit
  • You DON’T need a lot of money to get started & flip your first domain
  • There are no “deadlines”, no inspections & no earnest money needed to profit
 All You Need To Wholesale Domains Is $10

Here’s how it works:

  • You use your computer to research & uncover a profitable DOMAIN in under 15 minutes
  • You use your computer to find the buyer BEFORE you actually buy the domain
  • You use your computer and a FREE email account from Gmail to flip the domain for cash

Rob has shown me example after example of domains he has wholesaled like this where he purchased the domain for 10-15 bucks and in less than 7 days the buyer sent a PAYPAL payment of CASH for $250 to $800 and more.

Consider this…

  • He never spoke to or met the buyer — It was all done by email
  • Whether he had ever flipped a domain before or not didn’t matter
  • The domain will make the end buyer a lot of money

You Can Wholesale A Lot Of Domains & Create Loads of Cash

$10 is all the capital you need to get started Wholesaling Domains.

It’s really so simple and the best part is, you can quickly and easily make a few hundred dollars extra whenever you want…

And Rob has revealed the secrets of this in my interviews with him.  We will show you exactly how to do it.  But I’m not done yet…

SECOND – Wholesaling Houses

Another Fantastic Way to Generate FAST CASH

The other day I was having breakfast with Rob, and he mentioned casually how recently in ONE DAY, he had launched a new House Wholesaling Business in a city 1100 miles away.

He had used only his laptop and cell phone to set it all up and within 4 days he had secured a buyer on a house that would pay him $5,000 Cash.

He had put in a total of about 6 hours setting it up, locking up the house deal, and securing a buyer.


I love hearing things like that, and hanging out with people who do stuff like that.  There is power in associating with bigger thinkers.

And just think of the people he helped and the enormous value you will provide for everyone in the process when you do this!

  • You help someone who desparately needs to sell their house with a FAST SOLUTION!
  • You SAVE THE DAY for the person who desparately needs a new deal to keep their house flipping business going.
  • The end result is going to be a beautifully renovated house for someone who will find their dream home.
  • Everyone wins, and you get paid very appropriately for your massive service rendered.

I have had some good success over the last 6 years helping wholesaling houses, but nothing compared to what Rob has done.

But I have now learned from him just how simple it can be for ANYONE to start Wholesaling Houses and making great money doing it.

I have to admit…

I Am Blown Away…

By the simple things I have learned from Rob recently.

It’s still hard for me to swallow that I had been doing the wholesale house business THE HARD WAY for so long!

I wish I had listened to him earlier on.

But fortunately I finally learned.  And through my mistakes, and Rob’s incredible insights, I’m going to show you how you too can quickly and easily start Wholesaling Houses.

These strategies are super simple and easy.  Anyone can do them to start making money FAST.

Now it’s your turn.

I’d like to introduce you to my BRAND NEW Training called Wholesaling For Cash

[Picture of the course]

Wholesaling For Cash is an easy to follow, audio training that lays out specific details on implementing the Top 2 Wholesaling strategies to Earn Fast Cash.

I’ve broken the training down into easy to follow MODULES.

Here’s What I’ve Created To Help You Succeed

  • Each module includes a video interview with Me and Rob Swanson going through exactly how to use each strategy to start making money fast.
  • Full transcripts so you can go through the training at your own pace, anywhere you want.
  • Members Area complete with the entire system and material.
  • Downloadable Audio MP3 files so you can listen, and re-listen in your car or on your iPod.

You will be blown away at how simple these methods are.

There are people Rob has taught recently who are RIGHT NOW earning between $1000 to $3000 per week just wholesaling domains.

And others who are implementing these strategies on houses are wholesaling a house or two each week, earning between $5,000 to $10,000 per week.

Now let’s be real…

If you could even make an extra $1000 to $5000 PER MONTH in your spare time, wouldn’t that improve your life?!

That’s just flipping two or three domains, or JUST ONE house in a month!

You Can Do That So Easily!

I know you can.

My passion and mission in life is to empower others to get life changing results.  That’s what gets me thrilled to wake up each morning.

And I want to help you SUCCEED!

Remember my promise from the first paragraph?

You will clearly see the path to start living a Truly Amazing Life and generating all the cash you want and need.”
This Is Your Path To A Truly Amazing Life!


My Wholesaling For Cash training will absolutely start you on the path to a Truly Amazing Life and generating all the cash you want and need.

My promise is real.  This isn’t the end of the journey by any means.  This is just the beginning.  And I want you to have no excuses to start!

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Here’s what you are going to get with Wholesaling for Cash:



Module #1 is the Wholesaling For Cash Quick Start Guide.

The purpose of the QSG or wholesaling for cash cheat sheets is to give you a solid overview so that the training you hear will be more usable immediately.

After going through the quick start guide you are going to have a very, very solid understanding of the Wholesaling For Cash Methods and Principles, so that you can clearly see it in simplicity.

It details all the back ground information in detail you will need to know to understand the lingo and easily be able to understand as we dive into the interviews with Rob detailing specific instruction on how to Wholesale Domains and Houses for quick cash.

These techniques are repeatable.  You’ll literally learn how you will be able to Wholesale Domains or Houses ON DEMAND and literally take control of your own financial situation and goals.




Module #2 is the Wholesaling Domains module

This module will teach you a wealth of information on Wholesaling Domain names.

Internet Real Estate, or…domain names, is an amazing way to make money fast online.

Learn the step by step details on how to pick and evaluate a profitable domain name.

Screw this up and…Well, the cool thing is you won’t screw it up because you’ll learn exactly what makes a domain name valuable and profitable.

It’s like mining for Gold.

The difference is that as you go through this module, you’ll discover that you can find Domain Gold in under 15 minutes.

In this module we literally reveal the approach to finding significantly discounted domains and how in just minutes you can find, buy and wholesale domains for a really nice profit.

This is a technique and a skill you can put in your back pocket as a secret financial safety net forever.  This is so simple.  You need to know this .




Module #3 is the Wholesaling Houses module.

How to Wholesale Houses made stupidly simple!

An introduction to the 3 hour wholesaler system.

Amazingly insights detailing a path to 5 grand in 2 weeks!

Discover the FREE unlimited source of CASH BUYERS who will be begging you for your deals.

This module also reveals the secret search terms on google that will point you directly to them, that you would only learn with years of experience in the industry.


Yes Aaron, Let me in!  I’m ready to Start Wholesaling for Cash Now!

That’s Everything You Need To Start Wholesaling For CASH

But I’m not done yet…

The Wholesaling for Cash system is 100% complete and is a simple “how to make money” training.

The modules are easy to follow and broken down into short segments so you can get through the whole system quickly and easily to start generating cash as soon as this week.


If you just went through the ‘Wholesaling Domains’ module, and followed the simple steps outlined, spent about $10 on a domain and send out a few emails as shown…

You could flip a domain or two in the next week and make some money.

I’m that confident in you and I’m that confident in the information I’m giving you here.

It’s just that easy, and that’s why I want your decision to invest in your education today to be A TOTAL NO-BRAINER.

But I’m going to be candid with you for a moment…


Unless…you change a few of your thoughts.

Some of you are now saying.  “That’s great for you, but how do I know this is going to be any different for me than all the other thousands of courses and trainings out there teaching how to make money?”

Guess what, here is a fact that most people don’t realize:  99 out of every 100 ways you will read about how to make money ABSOLUTELY WILL WORK for making money. Period.


The VAST majority of people who buy courses will NEVER make any money using those courses.  And it is NOT because the course doesn’t work.

The reason is because they WON’T DO WHAT IS TAUGHT in those courses.  And of those that ACTUALLY DO the things taught, their THINKING PROCESS was so MESSED UP in doing it, that NONE of their actions are fruitful!

And so the VAST majority will never have any success with ANY course or teaching.

WHY NOT??  Isn’t that a HUGE contradiction to what I just said earlier that 99 out of 100 courses will work?

No, it’s not.  The FACT is that almost ALL of the methods being taught to make money online will ABSOLUTELY WORK.


And that is why most people will always fail.


I would place a LARGE SUM of money on the bet that YOU are currently, thinking the wrong way to be able to make good money online. Because if your thoughts were already correct, you would not be reading this.  You would be making a FORTUNE already.

My bet is that the opportunity staring you in the face right now is bigger than you can even possibly imagine yet.  And I can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE you this:

There are some ways in which your CURRENT THINKING IS STOPPING YOU DEAD IN YOUR TRACKS from making the money that you truly want to make.  And I want to help you!  Because as long as your thinking is not correct, no course or teaching that you get from anyone, anywhere is going to do you much good.  No matter how amazing the course is.

And I can easily help you expose and change your thinking.  And once you do, you will literally be able to write your own ticket in life, not to mention make money FAST.  I know this for a fact because I used to be where you are.  And I know EXACTLY how to help you up to where I am now.

So as a bonus along with the Wholesaling For Cash Training, you’re going to be added to my ‘insiders’ list for periodic advice on how to explode your thinking and get rid of the crap that is stopping you from being successful.

Unlike most others out there, I am willing to tell you the complete truth about yourself.  The truth, that in all likelihood you will not succeed with mine or anyone’s advice, unless you fix your thinking in a couple key areas.

And that is one reason why this training is not at all comparable to anything you have ever heard of or seen anywhere.

Yes, you will learn the exact ‘how to steps’ of making money fast.  But more importantly, you are going to get access over time to complete arsenal of mind changing material that is actually the real hidden key to success in ALL money making endeavors.

Today Is Truly Your Lucky Day

There are 2 main differences between what you’ll hear from me, and what you will learn from most others out there:

  1. I’m going to show you 2 FAST ways to start GENERATING CASH AS SOON AS THIS WEEK!
  1. More importantly, stick with me and I’m going to show you the secrets to changing your thoughts into an incredibly powerful force that will literally pull money into your life.  This is going to be the real key to you making good money, and massively improving your life.
So here’s what I’m going to do for you….

I should be selling Wholesaling For Cash for $213.  It is absolutely worth every penny of that if you use the information because you can turn it into cash on demand.

But I truly want to help you, and I don’t want you to have ANY EXCUSE FOR SETTLING AND NOT GETTING WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE!

So I am going to give it to you for FREE today.

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Wholesaling For Cash:

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  • Module #3 | Wholesaling Houses, VALUE $97


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Ok so you’re probably asking why I would give you over a $200 worth of power packed content and amazing training for FREE?

The answer is simple.

I want you to succeed.  I want your testimonials.

And I want you to walk up to me one day with tears in your eyes and say…

““Aaron, the techniques, strategies and  instruction you gave me have changed my life & my families financial future forever.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.””
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Will that be you?

I’m willing to trade my knowledge for a measly $0 investment on your part in the hopes that you’ll be one of the few that invest in yourself today, TAKE ACTION and apply what you learn.

If you do it you could be days away from cashing in on a really nice cash profit.  And more importantly, I believe your mental power and ability to earn money fast will be changed forever as you get the other mind blowing resources I’ll be sending you.

Just follow the simple steps in the course.

Awesome! I Want To Start Wholesaling For Cash


The fact is, I might start charging for this training any time.

It’s just too crazy to give this much away for free…but it’s available for you for now to take action…

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Yes Aaron, I want Instant Access to Wholesaling For Cash

P.S. I admit this product may not be for you.

Will you create your own future, be in charge of your destiny and rise to the top or will you keep following the herd for the next 40 years?  It’s up to you and right now you’re at an important fork in the road.

P.P.S.  This training is real and so am I.  I’m an active Wholesaler and I make money doing it.

I love to teach and help people.  And my goal is for you to succeed.  I have a goal to help millions of people like you learn the true power of your thoughts so that you are empowered to live a truly amazing life.  I want you to get my system today, follow it and win.  That’s why I’m giving it away for FREE!

You can always reach me easily.
My mailing address is:
PO Box 3518

And my physical office is at:
375 S. 41st Street
Boulder, CO 80305

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